Sunday, April 11, 2010


So I am a slacker.  But it's not just this blog.  It's all my blogs.  My life has become one big whirlwind of activities and some little annoying voice in my head keeps telling me it isn't about to get better.  So, in the likely event of posts being few and far between, I thought I'd let you know what I've been up to. 


I've been cooking in a slow cooker ALL the time because my oven has been broken for ten days...and the guy can't make it out until NEXT Friday.


 I've been dealing with a teething baby, who is also attempting to crawl.  Lord help us all.

I've been studying Anatomy pretty much non-stop because Professors believe in jamming everything they thought they could get done, but didn't, in the last three weeks of lecture.  

I've been researching and reading reviews on all sorts of breast pumps and finally took the $250 plunge and bought an Avent Isis IQ Duo Pump.  It's magnificent, beautiful, and nearly soundless.  Lovin' it.
What are you doing?

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Falen said...

Hey Bobbi
How are things? I am so glad I found your cute site! How creative are you! Anyway I was wondering if I could have an invite to your personal blog?