Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tutorial Tuesday: Adding Ruffles

This week I had another request to learn how to add ruffles to onesies. I found this tutorial HERE and am hoping I either have a little girl or a friend does so I can try this out. Looks so cute and pretty easy too! Enjoy.

What is it about big poufy diapered baby butts adorned with ruffles? You just gotta love it!

I may be the only sewer in the world who doesn’t hang on to every bit of scrap fabric… I have one medium sized bin and that’s all I allow myself, so I end up with only the bits and pieces I really love. This was a great way to use up some of those smallish scraps. I used Steam-a-Seam2 double stick fusible web to trace, cut, and iron on baby's name, Liv, in all lower case. Here’s the scoop on how I made the ruffles. Measure the butt part of the onesie and cut strips, mine were an inch and a half wide, of coordinating fabric twice the length (maybe a little extra if you want a more serious ruffle going on). I used pinking shears on both edges of the strip… it’ll fray a bit when washed but I kind of like that look anyway and it makes this project extra simple. Baste a line of stitches down the center of the strip. Pull the bottom thread of your basting stitch to gather it up. Line the edges of the strip up with the side seam of the onesie, pin the ruffle down randomly across the butt, ending with the other edge of the ruffle even with the other side seam of the onesie. Sew down the middle of the ruffle & pull out the basting stitches. Pin the next strip above or below it and repeat. Instant cuteness!


Chelle said...

Seriously--how cute is that onesie?! I love it!!

Jen said...

So cute! All of your posts are so cute and creative. I know I don't always leave comments but keep all the good stuff coming!