Sunday, July 12, 2009


...for now anyways.

All good things must come to an end? Right? One of those phrases we hear but we don't often believe.

I have given this a lot of time and thought. It's not a decision I took lightly. I have really struggled with this decision. Something happened recently in my life that requires my full-time attention. Unfortunately, this blog has thus been put on the chopping block.

I am sad to let it go. At least all of the way. You may see posts pop up now and then, but it is something that has to go on the back-burner until at least after our new baby comes.

You have been such a fun group of women and I have grown to admire and love all of my regular commenters.

See you no later than October!!


Brecca said...

Hope everything goes well for you! I will miss this blog!

Jen said...

Will definitely miss all the great information and cute ideas! Good luck with everything...can't wait for baby!

Troy and Jen said...

I will miss this blog! You did a super job. Thanks for all the help you gave me. I hope we can stay in touch :) Good luck with the baby.

emphoto2003 said...

Ahhh, I'm sad! Is it true you will be coming to AR? I hope so!

Anne said...

glad you will be coming back! love the blog!

Melissa said...

Sad to see ya go! Best of luck to you and your family!