Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tutorial Tuesday: Frayed Flowers

Since coming home with a baby girl I have been obsessed with all things flower - so we're beginning a series on different types of flowers to accessorize outfits/headbands for girls young and old. We'll start of easy, so even the novice seamstress can figure this one out.

Found this tutorial at Maize in Montana. So great!

You'll need a strip of fabric, needle and thread, scissors, button and a pin back (can also use a large safety pin).

Pick out some fabric you like which frays really easy. Depending upon how big and thick you want your flower, cut a strip of the fabric. Mine is 1 inch wide and 44 inches long. If you want your flower smaller, don't cut it as long or as wide.

Fold over one end and secure it with a stitch.
Flip it over and start a running stitch along the bottom of the strip of fabric.

When you've reached the end of your strip, pull the thread so the fabric bunches up.

Shape the fabric into a flower.

Secure all the layers by stitching through each and securing on the back.

Next, stitch the button in the center.

After the button is secure, stitch on your pin back or safety pin.

WAA LAH! Super easy peasy frayed flower pin.
Experiment with the look by adding dangling pieces of lace, fabric, beads, chain or ribbon.
Now, go make one!

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