Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Moments: First Words

As a mom, I think you are always anxiously awaiting that next "developmental milestone" of your child. Not being satisfied with where you are at just seems to come with the territory. First you want them to roll over, then to crawl, then to walk. Before you know it, all those nice moments when your baby just sat still are over. Gone. Days of the past.

Me, I am anxiously awaiting Bryson's first word. He will make the occasional "dada or mama" but it's not consistent enough for me to qualify him as a talker. He points to everything and I am trying really hard to name things other than what he wants to entice him to "vocalize" his wishes. So far, just grunts and temper tantrums.

What were your little ones first words? Any advice for sparking language interest?

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Lane Family said...

I am not sure why Hailee has been such a little talker and what makes them talk and not talk. Ever since her first word, she has taken off and now has to copy everything we say. My favorite thing now is when she wants something and I tell her in a minute, she will say "K". She also likes to say "Where it go". Her new word, bink pronounced "bee-nt"
It is fun when they talk!! Hope things are going well with you guys!!