Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Moments: Cravings

When I was a little girl my Grandma and Mom used to take me to this fabulous deli in the mall called Mr. Dunderbox. It has since closed, but I still remember a particular pretzel. It is all I crave. {Which is especially bad now that I'm prego!}

I finally perfected it - you'll laugh when you hear how simple it is - but I wanted to pass on the wisdom.

You will need:
  • A Soft Pretzel {You can buy these frozen and they're great!}
  • Claussen { brand VERY IMPORTANT} Pickle, all diced up
  • Port Wine Cheese

Cook the pretzel, smear on some cheese and top with the pickle. Absolute heaven!

What are some of your mama cravings? Anything weird? Please share recipes if you'd like.


Melissa said...

Wow a pretzel sounds really good right now!! When I was prego I craved soft bean burritos from Taco Maker!

Elliott family said...

I have been thinking about that place lately, with my prego cravings! I liked the Champagne Cheddar cheese best!!

Brecca said...

I always craved big home cooked meals like meat and potatoes. I also wanted to eat a hot dog from the fair- yum.

Ashlee said...

I was actually at the mall TODAY craving..a PRETZEL..'s a prego thing!

emphoto2003 said...

I cannot believe you mentioned this! When I was preggo with my first I was craving a pretzel with champagne cheese so bad I thought I'd die! I was devasted to come all the way from Houston to AR to find that Mr. D's had closed down!! I LOVE those pretzels! I found a Mr. Dunderbox in FL that sells cheese and I am going to call and order! Dang, thanks for giving me that craving again! I loved the supreme with cheese, salami, and pickles...yum. Ok, let me go wipe up my drool now!

Simply Lulu Boutique said...

Haha, I ate french toast like it was going out of style, 2 sometimes 3 times a day, like 4-5 pieces!!!

I LOVE Claussen pickles! Once you have them, gross yellow floppy pickles are never good enough!!!

Troy and Jen said...

Those pretzels sound yummy! When I was pregnant with my boy, I craved Pringles and McDonalds cheeseburgers (yikes) no wonder I gained almost 50 lbs. With my daughter I ate about 5 tomato sandwiches a day :) I am not pregnant now, but think I will crave that pretzel until I have one :)

Anonymous said...

If you are talking about a Mr. Dunderbox in Tampa. It's not closed! They moved and you spell it like this: Mr. Dunderbaks the new address is 14929 Bruce B. Downs. Hope this helps with the cravings.
Tell em' BONES sent ya.