Thursday, March 26, 2009

Trhifty Thursday: Save that baby-wipe box!

Thank you ladies for being so patient while I was out. I'm back home now and blogging away, so we have lots to catch up on!

On the roll today, how to use those old baby-wipe boxes!

If you have a baby in the house, there's an excellent chance you are also tossing out a lot of plastic boxes left from baby wipes; if not, you may be discarding a lot of those boxes from premoistened floor wipes. Quit throwing them out. These sturdy easily stacked plastic boxes can be used for storage in just about every room of the house. Wash and dry each box thoroughly, and it's ready to simplify your life and organize your home.

In the kitchen, one of these boxes can make a dandy recipe-card file, while others can store seldom-used utensils like lobster crackers, cookie cutters, and serving pieces. Keep another box on the kitchen counter to store and organize coupons. Set on aside for cake decorating supplies, or use one to keep small snacks like boxes of raisins or fruit roll-ups handy.

In a child's room, these boxes are terrific for storing small toys such as miniature cars, smaller blocks, and those "pocket" dolls and all their stuff. And be sure to set on aside as a "toy box to go" and fill it with small toys, sticker books, and other distractions for car trips, waiting in the doctors' office, or restaurants, and visits to non-child-friendly places.

In the office, use these boxes to store envelopes, notecards, pens and pencils, old floppy disks, or CDs. In the shop, store rags and paper towels in a plastic box to keep them clean and your workplace orderly. Turn one box into an easy-to-access first-aid kit with cleansing wipes, bandages, scissors, antibiotic cream or spray.

You can also fit about 40-50 plastic shopping bags, folded and the air squeezed out, in one of those boxes. Keep it next to Fido's leash for a ready supply of bags for picking up after him or put it where it's handy to line small trash cans. Pop-up, cylindrical wipe dispensers can also be put to good use - dispense kitchen twine, office string, or crafting yarn by tucking the ball into the cylinder and threading the end up through the opening in the lid.


Melissa said...

Yeah...I am so glad that you are back! Hope your family is well!!

michellejohnnie said...

Glad you are back!

emphoto2003 said...

I totally agree! I use these boxes for everything. We keep crayons in them. I also take them to school and store lots of stuff. They are very sturdy.

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Bobbi Lee said...

Erin --
You blog is so cute! I'd love to feature you sometime...couldn't figure out how to leave a comment on your blog. Email me if you're interested!