Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Moments: The transition

I have been worrying and fretting lately over the upcoming changes that loom over my family. I realize I have time, but somehow summer ends all too quickly, and then WAM! baby is here.

To make this transition as easy as possible, I'm trying to get Bryson all ready for giving up his crib and moving into a toddler bed. Granted, I can't seem to afford one yet, but surely soon it will happen.

I'm thinking by June he needs to be in his new "big boy" bed so he has a few months to warm up to the idea before another little rugrat steals his domain.

So, I need mothering advice.

How do I do this? Is it better to just buy a twin size bed or are toddler beds really worth it? How old was your little one when you made the transition? Any tips? Please let me know!


Heidi B C said...

We switched my daughter to her bed when she turned 2 and the transition was painless. She did really well and we started her in a toddler bed which to me seemed nice because it's lower to the ground and it has the little guard rails that made me feel more secure. I think it made my daughter feel more secure as well. She still uses the toddler bed and is getting a little long for it so we'll probably be looking at twin size beds soon. The bed wasn't too much. We found it on and I think Grandma actually bought it for a birthday present so she was even more excited to use it.

michellejohnnie said...

We switched our daughter to a toddler bed (which we bought at a garage sale for $10) at 21 months. I was 3 months away from having another baby. Since she no longer had bars around her bed (crib), she wouldn't sleep in it. She made her way into our bed every night. After a while of this, we set up a twin bed in her room and would lay in it while she fell asleep. Pretty soon, she just started crawling into the twin bed to sleep. I don't know what to tell you. I do know that she has fallen out of the twin bed because she moved a lot when she sleeps so a little rail that goes under the mattress is a good thing at this young age!

emphoto2003 said...

I switched my son into a big bed...actually it was a twin size trundle bed that I just kept low to the floor. That way if he rolled out of it (which he did a couple times) he wouldn't fall on the floor. That made the transition to a regular twin bed much easier.

Simply Lulu Boutique said...

Newborns don't NEED a crib for a couple months, you could have the new baby sleep in the pack and play, and wait til closer to Christmas when Bryson is 2 before transitioning to a toddler/twin bed. Leah seems MILES away from a toddler bed, so if I was in your position, I would wait til after the baby, when Leah is older. Then I wouldn't be wasting my time and energy on something that she isn't ready for, you know? I would be worried that she would be escaping every night for months, ruining my precious sleep late in pregnancy and with a newborn. Yikes!