Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Workin' Wednesday: Sew Chic

As an aspiring seamstress, I LOVE when people share their ideas, teach, and show how do make fun, simple projects.

I came across Sew Chic while searching for a way to make my own jeans into maternity wear. {Gosh darn being tall!} Click HERE for that tutorial. {Easy so far, I'll post pictures when I'm done!} But that's not all she has! There are links for bags and purses, embroidery, crocheting, smocking, and so much more.

This was one of my favorite projects of her's {so I'm now determined to have a girl so I can try it out.} I love the pleats in the front and the flow of the overall shirt.

Definitely worth a trip over to Sew Chic if you need some ideas or want to learn new sewing techniques!

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