Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tutorial Tuesday: Kid's Hooded Towel

There are a lot of tutorials online for a "big kid" hooded towels. After sifting through all of them, this one found HERE at Infarrantly Creative has been my favorite. These are easy, durable, and a great project for your own kids/grandkids, or that baby shower you don't want to spend a fortune on. Keep looking, you just might be able to win one later on this week...along with a few more surprises!

Here is what my final Hoodie Towel turned out like. I didn't have a cooperative model, so forgive it hanging on the doorknob and laying on the floor. I wanted you to be able to see the design on the hood, the pleat in the back, and the decorative edging on the main towel. Send me pictures of yours to display!!!

1. First what you need is a bath towel and a hand towel (not a face towel). I usually get mine when they are on sale! Get a nice, thick, soft one.

2. Cut the hand towel 10 inches on the short side of the towel. Make sure if there is a design you have that in the part you cut out.

3. Next fold the 10" hand towel right sides together with the sides you cut touching each other. Zigzag stitch the side you cut closed.

4. Next zig zag stitch a little triangle in the upper corner of the hood. Just wing it no need to measure or anything. Cut the excess off and turn the hood right side out.

5. This is the toughest part of explain. Fold your towel in half and put a pin in place (where the hood goes) so you know where the center is. Mark 4" from the middle on both sides of the towel. Take that point and bring it into the middle and pin in place. Do the other side. It should look like this.

Close-up view. You will be sewing through 3 layers.

6. Sew through all three layers on a zig-zag stitch.

7. Now take your hood and match up the center of the back of the towel with the center of the back of the hood. Pin that in place and now pin the entire hood to the towel.

8. Sew the hood on. I usually do a straight stitch through all layers and then go back and zig zag stitch for added strength. You can see all the place that were sewn in this picture.

Easy peasy. If you do make this please let me know how my tutorial was. I would love to see pictures of yours. There is a nice pleat in the back.

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Melissa said...

Oh my gosh I love it! Yours turned out so cute! Now I want some!