Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Workin' Wednesday: Madison Envy

I love to accessorize my life - and if your household is anything like mine, after food, diapers, and formula there is little money left over for you to play with. That is why I love Madison Envy.

It's an affordable, stylish way to add some glam to your everyday mom look. The jewelry is so fun and holds up to little hands pulling on it. I also love the T-shirts they have. While they are one of the more expensive things on the site, they are fabulous! I have worn mine numerous times and it always fits like the first time I wore it. No stretching! It's also made out of that super soft stretchy tee material - not just hard, crappy cotton.

This is one of my favorite jewelry sets that Madison Envy offers. Definitely worth checking out. Easy on your style and your wallet!

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