Friday, January 23, 2009

**NEW** Valentine's Day Bibs

I always strive to be one hundred percent honest when it comes to my products, so I have to tell you that these are not the high quality terry cloth I have come to expect when making my bibs. They sure are cute, and will do the job, but not as well as my other bibs. {Hence the discounted price}
Apparently Valentine Tip Towels are a rare commodity and I had to search high and low to even find these.
I hope you like them - I think they'll add a little love to your baby's Valentine's Day.


True Love

Hugs & Kisses
All Mine

Valentine Bibs

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Anonymous said...

This is a clever new design, Bobbi Lee, and I particularly like the little Valentine bibs. I will need to be checking this site more often, because I wasn't aware you had branched out with more products. A grandma from L.R.