Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thrifty Thursday: Shoe Bags

Shoe bags aren't just for footwear!

Sometimes you just have to look at something a different way to realize how useful it can be. A shoe bag, whether it's a traditional flat type with pockets or a modern type with compartments, as shown at left, makes an outstanding organizer - and not just for shoes.

In your mudroom or front closet, hang a shoe bag to keep gloves and mittens hand and together - and scarves, earmuffs, and knitted hats ready to go. In your office, hang one near your desk for scissors; staples and staplers; pens, pencils and markers; hole punches; envelopes both small and large; or even bills in due date order.

In a utility closet or room, tuck sponges, scrub brushes, old toothbrushes for cleaning tight corners, spray bottles, and cleaning clothes separated by use.

In the bathroom, a bag on the door in invaluable (particularly for teenagers) to hold brushes, hair-grooming products, curling irons, hair dryers, sunscreen, lotions, shaving cream, and even makeup.

In your own closet, add an extra bag to keep all your accessories like scares, belts, small purses, ties , socks or stockings, even lingerie neatly stored and easy to find.

In a child's room, display small beanbag animals, fashion dolls, plastic dinosaurs, or any other smaller collection of toys in a clear plastic shoe bag.

For a long car trip with children, either find a small shoe bag or cut down a larger one and hang it on the back of the front car seats to give your kids in the backseat easy access to toys, games, audio equipment and disks, art supplies, and maybe even a water bottle and snacks.

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Kylie said...

Bobbi, you amaze me! Do you sleep at night? How do you get so much stuff done everyday?!?

I love shoe organizers too, we use one for gloves and scarves in our hall closet. I went to a baby shower where the girl gave one (the flat kind that hangs on the back of a door, not the stacked one in your pic) with baby items in it: rash creme, q-tips, socks, thermomitor, bulb syringe, etc.