Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Going Green

I think green is an undervalued color.  Which is why I really like St. Patrick's Day.  I know, weird.  But here is another undervalued idea I think us adults take for granted that little kids find insanely cool.

Turn those boring white carnations into a fabulous St. Patrick's day spectacle.

Simply add some green food coloring to the water and voila!


Want to add a little more adult flair?  Check out these awesome carnation centerpiece ideas from The Savvy Bride, find them HERE


I love these funky white vases - wouldn't they look great on the mantle for all of March!  Carnations will last that long if you keep them watered.


Elliott Mom said...

Carnations are the best! My fave flowers to get from Zac are Wal-Mart carnation bouquets. They're cheap and last forever! :)

Of photos and phondues said...

please remove my carnation photograph, as it was posted on Flickr with all rights reserved.
Thank You