Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's Up to Vote

Meet me.  Yes, I am severely lacking the sun-kissed look.  I have looked the same since I graduated from high school with few changes.  I need a change.  I need a fresh look for spring.  I need it pronto. 

So I am posting a 4 "new me" options that I like.  I am going to go with your vote.  My husband was no help at all and told me to ask all ya'll.  Great advice!

Look #1
Body Wave a la Kate Hudson{which yes, I have thoroughly researched and will buy my own rods to take to my stylist.}

Look #2
Short a la cute girl
Look #3
Go Blonde a la Jessica Simpson

 Look #4
Go for it all and combine all three!  a la Charlize Theron

Pretty Pretty Please vote and help me decide!  Much obliged.
See the poll in the right column!


michelle@somedaycrafts said...

Go for it ALL! Your hot, baby!!!

Jenni said...

I'd say number 1 but you should know that my hair has been the same since I was 12. I think I fear change and commitment :)

Violet said...

Go for all three! If you are anixous about the blonde you could get some highlights in blonde.

Page said...

Hi - I don't think I've ever commented, but I have you on my list of favorites - I am loving this post. Great idea to ask for advice. So here's mine, whatever it's worth. I "went blond" about 6 years ago, and I love it! It definitely makes me feel like it brightens me up. I tell the hairdresser that I want "dimension" and she usually uses 3 colors and does a full highlight, so it looks somewhat "natural." That said, I'd go for #3. If your hair is naturally straight, I think perms are a nightmare because you can't it get perfectly silky smooth straight when you want to...for a long time. And going that short is quite a commitment - requires daily styling...unless you're up for that. So I say start with the color first and go from there. (Remember that the people in the pictures have someone doing their hair for 2 hrs before every time they go out!) :) But they're certainly all cute - good luck and have fun!!!

Lisa Molter said...

I like #1 but I do like the idea of all 3. Im just skeptical of short wavy hair. If you can pull it back its no fun take it from me i know. And i know you have little ones so your going to need to throw your hair back a few times. I SAY #1..keep the lengh

Carol said...

I vote for #3, I think it would look great on you and would be easy to do. Kind of scrunch and go!

Bobbi Lee said...

Thanks for all the great advice - It is awesome to hear other mom's say they throw their hair back too! That occurs daily around here. Can't wait to see what the ultimate decision is...

Jennifer Juniper said...

I'm a giant chicken, but I really love the last look with everything combined. Will it be too traumatic? If so, I love that Jessica Simpson cut if you want to ease into it. Maybe the cut then the color and if you're feeling okay take the plunge and get the wave? Oh, it's so exciting!