Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pom Pom Update

So here are a couple of things I learned while making these pom poms - which are really super cute, btw.
  • If you want a full circle look, you have to cross your tissue paper (like a + sign) or else it has no top depth.
  • For bigger balls, use more tissue paper! 8 sheets does not give it a full enough look.
  • For smaller balls, cut the tissue paper in half, and cut more off the length when you round it - they turn out really great!
  • Add your fishing line for hanging in BEFORE you pull out all the tissue paper.
  • Idea!  Alternate the colors of your tissue paper so you have a multi-colored pom pom. 
Sorry no pics, but those are my tips.  Let me know if I have confused you or you have more questions.  

And thanks for telling me where to find black tissue paper - I'm so excited to hang these in the empty corner of my master bedroom that is begging for something to be done to it.

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