Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hair Reveal

Okay, this is going to be a much harder process than I had originally thought.  Apparently my hair is darker/more red than I ever realized, so getting it as blonde as I want it to be - short of bleaching my whole head - is going to take some time.  I also went about an inch longer on the length than I intended too - just to make sure.  At my next appointment, definitely going more blonde and shorter.


Let's remember the before: boring, blah, drab...

During...So far so good

The huge pile of hair {yes, the stylist thought I was weird for taking a picture}

and FINALLY, the result: {I apologize for the poor picture taking skills of my DH}

Thanks everyone for holding my hand through chopping off my eight inches of hair!


Alysha Gray said...

Looks great! I just did the same thing. Just needed the change!!!

I tired to get a picture of my hair on the ground too... and when I took out my camera, the people looked at me and started cleaning like they didn't want proof there place was hairy. ha.

Well it looks awesome and I am sure you feel like a brand new person. :)

Happy Thursday

~Alysha (Supermom)

Karalee said...

love love LOVE IT! Change is good, it gives a fresh outlook on life. I'm curious how your stylist knew there was a lot of red in your hair. I know there are a lot of levels of color you have to go through to get to blonde.

I'm starting to practice on my own hair so I can get practice doing hair. Color is one of the hardest things to do and easiest to mess up!

Thanks for posting pics!

Michele said...

I love looks adorable! My daughter is a hair stylist...and I always tell her an inch longer, just in case!

Doesn't it seem weird to see all that hair on the ground?


Page said...

Super cute!! You made a great choice. :)

Lisa Molter said...

absolutely LOVE IT!! Good CHOICE

Elliott Mom said...

Looks great!! Wish I was brave enough to try something fun!

Jen said...

It looks so cute! I have been needing to cut mine and you gave me inspiration to just get out and do it... No more excuses :) Thanks for sharing.

Michelle said...

Looks great! HOT Mamma!