Saturday, February 13, 2010

Want to help?

I have been him-hawing about a conversation I had with my teenage baby-sitter last night.  She was fabulous - so it wasn't a bad conversation.  It had to do with the fact that she and her friends have a very difficult time in Arkansas finding modest formals to wear to their high school and church functions.  Ordering online is a huge expense and it's just not feasible to many of the families here. 


I offered her my small collection of formals left over from my high school days for her to pick thru and borrow for her nights.  But let's face it, one size does NOT fit all when it comes to dresses.

Then I thought, I wonder if I could enlist the help of some of my faithful blog friends?  Genius.

If you have any formals cluttering up your closet that you are looking to either donate or consign, will you let me know?  All I ask is they are semi in-style.  Let's face it, vintage is back.

I just really feel that every girl should have the opportunity to feel beautiful and modest no matter her circumstances. 



michelle@somedaycrafts said...

I wish I had formals laying around. I didn't do the "formal dance" thing in high school. When I went to prom, I wore my mom's dresses from the 60's. I was a goof. Great idea! I hope you are able to find some modest ones!

Elliott Mom said...

Awesome idea! Just curious, which of those wonderful girls did you get to babysit? ;)

Bobbi Lee said...

Lizzie - she was excellent! Even loaded my dishwasher. Hope my kids didn't traumatize her and she'll come back!