Monday, November 16, 2009

Zippered Flowers

Day 14
My health - and modern medicine for those days when I'm not up to par.

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All the great books in the world.

Day 16
Birthdays -- Happy Birthday to my 2 year old boy!


So I saw this necklace in a magazine and thought, "How cool is that?" It's chic and definitely something you don't see walking down the streets of Arkansas everyday. Maybe New York. But not Arkansas. So...rather than spend the $40 I set out for a tutorial on how to make one. I came across this sweet tutorial and chose to share it with you, because like its author, I agree all the other zippered flowers were too pointy. I LOVE that this girl is only 15 -- maybe we'll see her on Project Runway in a few years. Either way, enjoy! And put some old zippers to fashionable use!

+zipper(s) with exposed metal teeth (the longer your zipper, the bigger the flower. I used several and sewed them together. Look for a bin of reject zippers in a fabric shop. They're much cheaper and work just as well.)
+thread that corresponds to the color of your zippers
+an hour or two of your time

1. Unzip your zipper. Cut through the teeth on each side, as close as possible to the pull, on both sides. If you are using multiple zippers, do this to them as well.

2. On all except for one zipper half, cut the flap of fabric on the other end, as close as possible.

3. Take the one zipper half with the end flap remaining. Tightly roll the fabric flap to form the basis of the flower bud. Secure with a stitch or two.

4. Wrap the zipper around the bud, spiraling downward so the teeth do not overlap. Continue until the bud of the flower is the size that you'd like.

5. Fold the zipper fabric, making a little pleat, and secure it with a stitch.

6. Stitch the edge, near the fold, of the zipper fabric to the bud. Continue stitching and pleating, every half inch or so, wrapping the bottom of the zipper around. (I know this sound complicated, but I promise once you start you will get a feel for it)

7. Once you're through stitching your zipper, stitch the end of it to the middle of the backside of the rosette.

8. If you are adding another zipper half, simply stitch it where the other half left off. Continue until the rosette is the size that you'd like it.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome - can't wait to make my own necklace, and maybe one or 2 for friends!! Thanks very much for posting.