Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I love donuts, but I can't get myself A. Out the door early enough to buy the good ones, and B. To spend the amount of money on them they ask. Here is a cheap way to get some good donuts in a short amount of time. In your pajamas no less!

Get Yourself a tube of biscuits. I'm cheap. Namebrand works just as well.
Cut the biscuits in half.
Fry them up in some oil. You want your oil set to about medium temperature, otherwise you'll burn the outside and the middle will still be doughy.
**TIP** Throw a pinch of salt in your oil and it won't spit at you while you fry.
Let them drain on some paper towels. Don't use my burned donuts as an example. I got distracted by a two year old.
Roll them in a sugar-cinnamon mixture.
Voila! Best hot, but still good cold.

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