Monday, December 21, 2009

The Food Is Where It's At

This week, it's all about the baking at my house. One of my favorite things about the holidays is food. We definitely have our fair share of food traditions at my house - these being some of our favorites!

Christmas Mornings - Yum Yum Coffeecake

Apple Pie
Homemade Crescent Rolls {to DIE for}
What are some of your favorite holiday treats? And how early do you have to get started on them? Tuesday is when we're starting around here...

If you'd like any recipes, just email! And just FYI, I do NOT make hard things. I just don't.

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Elliott Mom said...

Yum! Good job on the food photography - everything looks awesome! And I'd love all of the recipes! :)

Our new Christmas breakfast tradition (I've been looking for the perfect one since we got married) is Creme Brulee French Toast. I got the recipe from Leigh Wing and posted it on my food blog. It's sooooo yummy!!!