Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Goals…Yet Again

I heard somewhere that if you want to actually achieve your goals, you have to put them down on paper.  Well, I don't really do paper -- I blog.  So I thought in the spirit of the New Year I would share my list of goals with all of you so that I can't rescind you can all help me along the way.

It started out as a list of 50 - it went a little over.  I have a feeling I will be adding more to it over time.

I had a list like this in high school, and so I've left off things I have achieved (or at this point, can't achieve) and have started my list anew.

What are some of your goals???

  1. Graduate from college with at least a 3.7 GPA
  2. Graduate with Honors
  3. Go to graduate school
  4. Retire after twenty years – still young enough to enjoy life
  5. Love where I work and what I do
  6. Actively participate in all my church responsibilities
  7. Do at least one service activity each year
  8. Never smoke, drink, do drugs, etc….
  9. Run a marathon
  10. Maintain a healthy food lifestyle
  11. Reconnect with an old friend
  12. Talk to someone in my family once a day
  13. Go to church every Sunday
  14. Pray every day
  15. Read the entire Bible cover to cover
  16. Read the BOM at least once a year
  17. Attend the temple once a month
  18. See Machu Picchu
  19. See the Great Wall
  20. See Australia
  21. See the 7 wonders of the world
  22. Travel to all 50 states
  23. Travel around Europe
  24. See the northern lights
  25. Write a book
  26. Bungee jump
  27. Have a porch swing at my home
  28. Ride in a hot air balloon
  29. Meet a President
  30. Buy some quality bookcases and organize all my books.
  31. Get a bike and ride it every day for 3months.
  32. Organize and print my personal photos.
  33. Take Pilates
  34. Donate time to a children's hospital
  35. Blog every day for a year
  36. Start or join a book club
  37. Abstain from fast food for 3 months.
  38. Learn to knit hats
  39. Build something
  40. Buy my dream home.
  41. Do something nice for someone anonymously
  42. Spend a night at a luxury hotel
  43. Take a cruise
  44. Resist the urge to go online for a month.
  45. Invest in Real Estate outside of my own home
  46. Write in a journal at least once a month
  47. Donate old clothes and shoes once every 6months
  48. Take the family to a circus
  49. Reupholster a piece of furniture
  50. Buy new furniture for the living room
  51. Go sledding with the family
  52. Be a mentor for someone
  53. Get out of my shell more often
  54. Work on listening more than I talk and not interrupting
  55. Save 30% of what I earn for one year
  56. Learn to maintain my car myself.
  57. Design my home
  58. Swim with dolphins
  59. Raise happy, healthy, productive children
  60. Actually learn to play the organ well
  61. Be politically active
  62. Run for a political office

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michelle@somedaycrafts said...

You go girl!!!! WoW! What a list! If I could do half of those, I'd be happy. You rock!