Monday, December 7, 2009

Tis the Season

...for Christmas Cards!

Call me crazy, but I LOVE Christmas cards. I like seeing everyone in the pictures and reading the stories of what's happened to them over the past year. I expect to get a card from everyone I mail one to and if I don't, I feel very disappointed.

I think I put too much pressure on myself when it comes to Christmas cards. Granted, I do NOT hand-make 75 elaborate cards and send them out December 1st, but I do try to put some time and effort and thought into what I write. I want it to be charmingly witty, memorable and not braggy or boring. Do you see the pressure? And then enters into my mind thoughts like, "What if they don't even read my card? Or even really like us, for that matter?"

So, who do you send Christmas cards too? Family is an automatic yes. But what about the friends you think are friends, but you never get a card from them. Do you cross them off the list, or still send it out year after year? I just don't know...

Oh the pressure, oh the pressure.

And yes, I want your Christmas card too! I'll even send you mine if you convince me in an email that you aren't crazy or psycho.

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mommyme said...

My rule of thumb is if they haven't corresponded with me for 2 Christmases, then I cross them off the list. I know some people don't do Christmas cards, but postage is expensive, so if they aren't willing to keep up the relationship on their end, I figure it's more important to focus on those that do keep that relationship.
I have 2 Christmas card lists -- one for regular mail, and one for e-mail. Last year, I got a lot of e-cards or invites to someone's card on their blog, so I figure it helps save the environment and saves me money to send them cards digitally.
As for the letter -- I do an update. Short and sweet, just a few sentences about each member of our family with a picture of them -- just enough info to catch people up, but not too much to be boring and take an hour out of their day to read.
Merry Christmas and good luck!