Thursday, December 3, 2009

Real or Fake?

When it comes to Christmas trees, are you a real type of gal, or fake type of gal? I'm the proud owner of a pre-lit, artificial tree and I LOVE it. What it lacks in the pine smell department, it makes up for with no falling needles, no need to water, and no "character". But I want to hear the arguments for those of you hardcore tree people who trek up a mountain in the snow with all your kids and chop down your own tree. Make me a believer!

Then comes the decorating. What's your style? I'd have to say I lean towards the CLASSIC style...balls, white lights, a bow on top. {Actually, now that I look at my tree it kinda looks like a Patriotic tree...} But some are more NOSTALGIC with kids ornaments and popcorn strands. Some people are EXTREME when it comes to their trees and go way over the top - even have a theme. I want to see some of your trees. Send me a picture and we'll have our own Festival of Trees right here on My Tiny Sweet Cheeks. {Maybe your tree is only decorated from the top, up! Mine was last year...}

Just a sampling of my Christmas decor.

The balls are actually purple, silver, and blue -
but they really look red, white, and blue, huh?

I'm in the process of finding a fourth stocking for my little girl, but can't find one I like. Suggestions welcome.

My tiny village - it's a start, right?


Anonymous said...

I'm a hard core real christmas tree fan and my reason is that I live in the desert, so for us christmas weather is long sleeves and 60 degrees. So to make it "feel" like christmas a real tree is a must. I just buy ours at the local nursery. O how I wish we could go cut a beautiful one, but that would include at 10 hour drive, to anywhere remotely worth looking. I just can't bring myself to use a fake! Each year our decor has varied from kids ornaments everywhere to beautiful ribbon and fancyness(?), to all natural, dried fruit, cinnamon sticks and the like (this was by far my favorite because when the lights were warm they smell from the tree was amazing!)

Bobbi Lee said...

I can see your point! This is my first Christmas in a long time, and I keep saying it doesn't "feel" like Christmas. Maybe a real tree would help in that department...

mommyme said...

We switch back and forth. Some years I like the smell of a real tree, but some years we think we don't want the mess. This year, with my 7 month old crawling around and experimenting with anything she can put in her mouth, we thought we'd better go fake. And ours will probably only be decorated from the top up this year for the same reason. Always a star on top though.
We do a mix of kids' stuff and fancy stuff -- my mom had a tradition where she gave us an ornament every year so that when we were married, we'd have plenty of ornaments to decorate our tree. I've continued that tradition.
All in all, at least you have your house decorated! Mine's not anywhere near that! And, Target had some cute stockings in the Dollar Spot -- right price!
Sorry this is so long!

Bobbi Lee said...

I love that idea of getting an ornament for your kids each year. That was one of my biggest woes as a married adult, that I had no memories on my Christmas tree!